The Heartbeat
"Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God?…neither the sexually immoral…" – 1 Corinthians 6:9

It was 39 years ago next month that Ruth and I moved from Germantown, PA to Lancaster County. Prior to moving here we had come out to Lancaster many times before – mainly for auctions. Even now, while walking through our house, I can point out item after item that we bought in those first few years of marriage at an auction held somewhere here in Lancaster County.

Anyway, when we moved here we moved into the house in which we are still located. So, 39 years in the same house! (That's not a record but it is a rarity.) The house worked out great for our growing family, but once the kids began moving out we began thinking of how we might make the house pay for itself. And so now, for many years, we have had two apartments: a first-floor rear apartment and a second-floor apartment. Both are very private with private entrances.

Being a landlord is, by and large, not a big deal as both apartments are in top-notch shape with new appliances and little in the area of concern. Where and when they do prove to be a challenge is when they "turn over" – when a tenant leaves and we need to find a new tenant.

A week ago, the single female tenant who had been in the second floor apartment for about four years moved out. She left the property in good shape and so by Monday morning I was ready to advertise it so as to seek a new tenant. I was hardly prepared for the response. Within 36 hours I had received 68 inquiries. By the 15 "tour" of the apartment and having heard from nearly all "I love it, I'll take it," I finally closed the ad and we made a selection of a new tenant: a young single fellow who is to move in August 20.

All of this is background to what I want to address. Of the 68 inquiries, I would estimate three-fourths of those inquiring were women. And the vast majority of those women were not wives, but girlfriends inquiring for themselves and for their boyfriends, or for their boyfriends and their young child(ren).

Now get this (I'm finally getting closer to making my point): when these various people tour the apartment and then say, "Oh, I love it; I'll take it," I tell/told each of them that I would like them to fill out an application and that we will make a decision in a few days. On the application is a paragraph that explains that I am an "evangelical pastor" and that our property is often used for church activities. And that while we have never made any spiritual demands of those living in our house we would ask that they agree to not live in a way that might cause harm to my witness as a Christian pastor. If they are okay with that, the application form then asks them to acknowledge their agreement. And so what has happened? To a person, all these unwed girlfriends and mothers have signed that they are okay with what we have asked of them EVEN AS THEY ARE SEEKING THE APARTMENT FOR THEM AND THEIR BOYFRIEND.

So what is the point? The point is that what Paul in 1 Corinthians 6:9 calls "unrighteous" or "wicked" (KJV) – and there mentions SEXUAL IMMORALITY as his first item in a list of items that will, in effect, damn people's souls – this sin is no longer viewed as sin in our society. Christians talk about being in a culture war but the truth is that war is over…and we lost it. We're focused on abortion, homosexuality and transgenderism and we have an entire society that doesn't see anything wrong with shacking up (hooking up) with one another. That may have been looked down upon 40 or 50 years ago, but not any longer. Indeed, to do so, on the second floor of an evangelical pastor's home appears to be the dream of lots and lots of Lancaster County single girls.

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