The Heartbeat
"…You do not know what tomorrow will bring…" – James 4:14

Two years ago. Doesn't sound like an incredibly long period of time, but oh how much has changed in these past two years…

Two years ago

• Donald Trump was president, enjoying the lowest unemployment rate and the lowest mortgage interest rate in many decades. The economy was HOT! Although he was still looked at as an outsider to Washington, an offender of our friends, and in many ways a political liability, he was also one of the few presidents in modern history known for keeping his promises – a likely political shoe-in in 2020.

• Here and there we were hearing rumors of a severe flu-like virus in and around Wuhan, China. But nothing to be alarmed about. The name Anthony Fauci was unknown to most Americans.

• At Burning Hearts, Pastor Doug was corresponding with Geoff Boland, an Anglican pastor from the southern tip of England, to come to Lancaster in May and preach at Burning Hearts.

• Burning Hearts member Bob Haehnle was giving up his driving for the Manheim Auto Auction, but was continuing his work of sending out missionary prayer letters for a number of missionaries.

• Pastor Doug's daughter, Esther, was preparing for a June wedding.

And then, COVID hit. By the time of the February elders' meeting, it was making the news every day. By March 1, it had begun to hit the Burning Hearts church body.

• Jane Fonda, no friend of Donald Trump, would go on to tout the coronavirus as a gift from God to save America from Donald Trump. Joe Biden would win the presidential election, thanks to COVID-19.

• Esther Winne's wedding was postponed and then postponed again before going ahead with an outdoor September wedding.

• Bob Haehnle would die within that first year; Geoff Boland has yet to come over from England;

• Sight and Sound had just premiered the Queen Esther show before it was shut down for months.

In many ways, for many, the past two years have seemed like an unending disaster! And it still is not over! Indeed, sometimes it seems like it will never be over.

So, on this day after Christmas, while people are still in the spirit of Christmas cheer, think back two years and be reminded of how nearly all of life can all fall apart in a very short time. And what is coming next? Anyone want to take a guess? All I know is this:

Jesus shall reign where e'er the sun
Does its successive journeys run
His kingdom stretch from shore to shore
Till moons shall wax and wane no more.
(by Isaac Watts)

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