The Heartbeat
Benaiah…was held in greater honor than any of the Thirty, but he was not included among the Three. – 2 Samuel 23:20, 23

Recently I was thinking about the Burning Hearts church body. In the scriptures (Zechariah 11, 1 Peter 5 and elsewhere) my position, as "pastor," is that I am to be an overseer of the flock. You may recall Jesus' words to Peter following His resurrection: "feed my sheep." So, like Peter, as a pastor I am to feed the flock…feed the sheep. I am to diligently watch over you. The goal is to see you prosper, be spiritually healthy and strong, and to see you collectively be a really good, healthy flock. So, anyway, I was thinking along those lines.

And then I thought about how you might stack up to another flock. And that led me to thinking about the Pennsylvania Farm Show, coming up in just another week or so. I've been to that show several times (as I suspect you have as well) and there the issue is not HOW MANY of some animal any farmer may own, but rather the QUALITY of the one or ones that he or she has brought to the show. He may only own ONE COW – a Black Angus, for example – but with that one cow he (or she) may walk away with the blue ribbon for best of show.

There are many larger churches than Burning Hearts in Lancaster County but…and here is what I came to think upon…how is it that I HAVE COME TO BE SO BLESSED as to be here? Indeed, how is it that I should be involved with such a beautiful award-winning flock? God has certainly been good.

Back in 2 Samuel 23, there is a recounting of David's "mighty men." Among them were "the Thirty." They were incredible men. And three of the Thirty were of special mention. But there were SO MANY great men surrounding David that someone like Benaiah (who went down into a pit on a snowy day and killed a lion) didn't even rank with the Three even though he was held in higher honor than those great men. The point is that there was just no end to the great men that were with David. That's how I feel about you: the men and the women of Burning Hearts.

Yes, how is that I should get to be involved with you? God is good…really good. That much I know.

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