The Heartbeat
Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. – Exodus 20:8

We have, over the past few Sundays, been driving home the point that is made in Hebrews chapters 7 and 8 that with the coming of Jesus this world came into a "new covenant" period. As the word covenant means law, the point has been made that we are no longer under the old law…the old covenant…the Law of Moses. Well meaning Christians are often heard or seen touting the message that we should post the Ten Commandments in public places and, as noted last Sunday, most Christians, if asked, would quickly affirm their conviction that we should obey the Ten Commandments. But it is nigh unto impossible to find an Evangelical Christian who actually lives by the Ten Commandments. And it is here that I am writing about, in particular, the fourth commandment: to remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.

So there is a disconnect here: Christian people espousing that we live by the Ten Commandments but those same people blatantly disregarding one of those ten commandments.

The answer to this dilemma is either that people live up to what they say they believe or, better yet, come to understand that their original premise is based upon a faulty understanding of who we are as New Covenant believers. We are not under the Old Covenant; we are not under the Old Law; we are not under the Ten Commandments (see Exodus 34:27-28 where the Ten Commandments are equated with the old covenant). Most of the Ten Commandments are given again under the New Covenant, but the command to keep the Sabbath was a particular commandment – a sign of God's covenant with Israel (see Exodus 41:12, 17).

In last Sunday's sermon we went on to stress that even though we are not "under" the Old Covenant law, given that our unchanging God is the author of both covenants (old and new) it logically follows that there is something we might gain from the old laws – some principles, even if the particulars are not applied to us. And it is here that the issue of NEEDED REST comes up.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, for all of his moral failures, understands the issue of discipline unlike most people. In his book on "pumping iron" (working out with weights) he stresses that a good body builder will totally take off (rest) from working out one day in seven. Interesting! The Bible makes the point that God rested on the seventh day and in the giving of the fourth commandment that is looked to for at least a partial substantiation as to why the Jewish people were to rest on the seventh day. The Law of Moses brought that commandment to bear with a vengeance, requiring the death penalty for any that would break it. We are no longer under that threat. But the principle still stands: we all need to work hard (six days) and we all need a weekly break.

So let us do both: work hard, and rest hard. Or as a friend of mine used to put it: work hard, play hard, pray hard and rest hard. I.e., be aggressive in pursuing everything, including pursuing rest.

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