The Heartbeat

The following are thoughts on a variety of unrelated subjects, in no particular order...


The recent statement by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) that only 6% of the 200,000+ deaths attributed to the coronavirus involved people without known co-morbidities is huge. What this means is that if you are free of the list of co-morbidities (such as obesity, diabetes, COPD, etc), the likelihood of you getting the coronavirus and dying from it is statistically negligible.

Nursery Worker Volunteers

Nursery coordinator Patti Stone says that while she is still open to more volunteers, the nursery is currently fully staffed. Thank you!


Within a week of announcing the need/desire for some donated cabinetry for our yet to be installed kitchenette (after January 1), we had a generous offer of exactly what we were looking for! So another Thank you!

10th Anniversary Congregational Meeting: October 25

Wow! Ten years! How I thank God for Burning Hearts:

  • for the blessing and freedom that it offered me,
  • for the opportunity of service that it has given to so many,
  • for the position of stability that it has reached and that it offers to those needing exactly that
  • for the friendships that have formed because of it

Please do plan on coming to celebrate with us on that Sunday. Following the Sunday School hour we will have a time of refreshments (and cake!) before having our annual congregational business meeting. In light of the current coronavirus, the elders have agreed to hold off on offering an open invitation to have any/all former members and attenders of Burning Hearts to join us for our 10-year celebration. Instead, once the virus is behind us, we will have such a date and celebration – possibly next summer.

Revelations of Freedom

(a Christ-centered discipleship center for men who have battled addictions) will be bringing a group of 15-20 men to Burning Hearts on October 18. So, don't be surprised if that morning you see some men you have never seen before! Please do welcome them warmly.

Praise for Some Honest Businesses

Through the years I (Pastor Doug) have owned some 30 cars: predominantly older cars. For over 35 years I have made use of Robt. L. Myers (now owned by Froy's) for auto repairs and Landis Transmissions for transmission work. As both of these businesses have treated me honestly and fairly I thought it fitting that they receive some public acknowledgement. I cannot praise either of these enough.

Upcoming Events

Young Adults Sunday School
03 Oct 2021 - 09:00AM
Older Adults Sunday School
03 Oct 2021 - 09:00AM
Worship Service
03 Oct 2021 - 10:30AM
Fall Bible Study
07 Oct 2021 - 07:00PM
Young Adults Sunday School
10 Oct 2021 - 09:00AM