The Heartbeat
…For we are members one of another. - Ephesians 4:25

Why join a church? If, as the scriptures teach, we are already "members" of God's church – His body – why is there any need to go through some man-made construct that we call church membership?

Let us be clear: the scriptures do not speak about church membership. What they do speak about, however, is inclusion in the church community. Consider the following scripture passages:

  • Exodus 24:6-8. Note here how the people understood they were part of the community (or church) of God.
  • Exodus 31:12-15. Note how one could be "cut off" from the community for law breaking. Community and accountability were both understood and accepted.
  • Circumcision and the Sabbath were both signs of the (Old) covenant community: Genesis 17:11 (Leviticus 12:3) and Exodus 31:17.
  • Under the New Covenant baptism was the sign by which one entered into the covenant community. Acts 2:37-41

The catch is that today, one can be baptized (an official act which marks believers off as being part of Christ's body) but then literally "float" from congregation to congregation while having little to no accountability. Thus while EVERYONE acknowledges the need to be baptized, that baptism does not bring with it the kind of accountability that we read of in the Old Testament (running the risk of being "cut off") or in the New (such as in 1 Corinthians 5 where Paul tells the church in Corinth to "turn over the Satan" the unrepentant man in the church).

So, how can we establish accountability? In our litigious world the only way that seems possible is to have potential members VOLUNTARILY acknowledge their submission to a local church (that is, to a particular community) and its teachings by having them JOIN that church). This does two things:

  1. It lets the church leadership know who has in fact made a commitment to the church body, i.e., who has said "You can count on me!"

  2. It allows the church to keep some check upon its members so that should they fall into egregious sins, and be unrepentant over them, the church can have the right (and should feel the obligation) to help steer that wandering individual in the right way, as well as protect the holiness of the church body.

So, church membership is more pragmatic than it is Biblical, though life in either the Old Covenant or New Covenant communities shows they understood the concept of membership. Have YOU joined a church? If not, how about joining Burning Hearts Community Church?

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