The Heartbeat

Last Sunday was our annual congregational business meeting as well as our 10-year celebration. It is humbling to be reminded that the building of the church is Christ's principle work today and that we are part of that. As for the congregational meeting, for the second year in a row, by a unanimous vote, all officers were affirmed and the budget was approved. This may not seem significant to you but as one who has been at nearly 40 of these meetings and NEVER saw things being approved by a unanimous vote it is really quite amazing.

As suggested at the meeting, this November is a very busy month for Burning Hearts, so let me explain what I mean…

November 1 – today is our monthly celebration of the Lord's Supper. Many of our children will be in the service with us this morning. May we never become numb as to what the celebration of the Lord's Supper means for us: Christ died for us, to reconcile us to God. May we never forget it.

November 3 – Election day. Do vote. To vote is both an opportunity and a responsibility. Regardless of who wins, our God is still on the throne and will accomplish his divine purposes.

November 14 – a service day, sponsored by Bravehearts. Breakfast this morning will be for any (not just the men) at 7 am at the Oregon Dairy. Following that we are planning on about 3.5 hours of work (we will finish by 12 noon). We may have some less strenuous jobs than the main one: to clear out a property located in the southern end of Lancaster County (57 Mount Airy Road, New Providence). The place is, by any standard, a bit of a "wreck" (though it would be even worse except for the great labors of Carol Statler the past couple of months). We have a 20-yard dumpster being dropped off at the property but need a lot of workers to fill that dumpster to the brim. Also we could use help in the areas of plumbing, carpet installation and heating that morning. Please sign up for this. Thank you!

November 15 – the collection day for the Samaritan's Purse annual shoebox drive (Operation Christmas Child). Brochures about this are in today's Heartbeat. This is a way to bless children who have little to nothing in terms of this world's goods. And in doing so, to also share with them the good news of Jesus Christ (as every box has a gospel tract inserted into it).

November 21 – the big food giveaway. Burning Hearts has 100 35-40 pound boxes of USDA food coming to give away to our community on that Saturday, from 9 am until it is gone. We will be advertising this on the church sign. If you are in need, this is also available to you!

November 22 – a Sunday morning worship service having "Thanksgiving" as its major theme. Everything that morning will be centered on giving thanks: for nation, family and Christ.

November 29 – a fifth Sunday. We will NOT be having our regular Fifth Sunday Fellowship Meal due to COVID-19, but we will be singing the favorite songs of church member Paul Avery (including One Love by Bob Marley!).

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