The Heartbeat
"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived of the things that God has prepared for those who love him." 1 Corinthians 2:9

Last Saturday night I had a most amazing dream…

In my dream I don't know where I was, but there were a number of people around, talking, laughing…in generally a really good spirit. And then, among the people I saw my dad. My dad is now a very old man (age 92): he looks old, he walks like a very old person. He is very much alive in his spirit but his body…well, that's a different story. But in my dream when I saw my dad, he was about 20 years old. He was young, youthful, vibrant, trim, with a full head of black hair. Upon seeing him I just stopped and watched him. I don't know that he saw me. The "clip" was, I would guess, only about 10 seconds or so in length. I immediately awoke. Having seen all of the home movies we have that include my dad I realized that what I had seen in my dream was not from one of those films. Indeed, I don't believe we have a film of him at that age. Later that day I told Jane Mark, Jeff Lefever and Ruth about it. Make of it what you will but I took it to be a vision of eternity.

The Bible is clear in teaching that this life is not all there is. In this life we grow, mature, hopefully do something truly productive and good with our life, and then, generally, get old and eventually die. Some die young; most die old. But we all die. And after that is the judgment…and eternity in a new body. Based upon scripture we conclude that our new bodies will be both like and unlike our old bodies. I am convinced that our new bodies will be those of ourselves but in what we would call "the prime of life": 18-20 years of age or so. This view has helped me to understand why, on the road to Emmaus, the disciples didn't recognize Jesus following his resurrection. Prior to his death, his life had been filled with grief. But now, on that road, he appeared as one who was nearly 15 years younger, nearly half the age, of that one who had died on the cross just days prior. Who would have even imagined it would be the same person?

My dad was always a very vivacious kind of person: optimistic, energetic, he walked fast. It makes sense to me that he would be that way in eternity. Yes, that was a great dream.

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