The Heartbeat
"For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven." - Ecclesiastes 3:1

As you read this, I am assuming that all went well yesterday for Ruth's and my third child, Esther, and her much delayed wedding to Marcus Shand. I say "much delayed" because the wedding had originally been scheduled for June 6. Then, because of COVID, it was moved to July 4. And then, again because of COVID, it was moved to September 5. But we all agreed that it was not about to be moved again. So, even though I am writing this BEFORE the wedding I am assuming it took place. Hopefully it "came off without a hitch."

Because of the wedding I am blessed to have my dad, two sisters (Shirley and Marilou) and my younger sister's husband (Wayne) in town this morning, along with the all of our children. I am hoping that many of them will still be in town so as to be here at church this morning. Many of you are already familiar with my dad. Unlike my sisters, he will be staying with us for a month or so.

But another wedding. That is #3 for Ruth and me. And next October we are to have #4 (David, marrying Liz in upper state New York). Our family is changing. As they say, we're not losing our sons and daughters; we are gaining sons and daughters! And with that we are also now up to 7 grandchildren!

In just over two years, Burning Hearts will be in the process of hiring a new senior pastor. And while Ruth and I (Lord willing) will be preparing for our 2023 Walk Across America, our hearts will be fully with Burning Hearts, trusting that just the right man will have been found for the job. Even now we are on the lookout for who that might be. It may be someone we already know or it may be someone we have not yet met. We don't know. But God knows. For 6-7 months (or however long our walk takes) we won't be around, but we will be eager to return and find, by God's good grace, Burning Hearts truly on fire for Jesus! May our hearts ALWAYS burn for him and his word!

And then Ruth and I will be entering yet another phase of life: semi-retirement. Ruth expects to be done with working at Lafayette Elementary School as a teacher's aid. She has her heart and mind set on seeing her art work (and Etsy sales of said art) explode. I, on the other hand, hope to be in some form of part-time Christian ministry. It would be wonderful if that is at Burning Hearts, but if not here then somewhere else or in something else (though not another church). At Burning Hearts I hope to serve as an elder, Sunday School teacher, counselor, "door to door guy" and prayer warrior. But all of this is predicated upon the notion of good health. So we will wait on the Lord and see what he has in store.

But what is the real goal? It is Christ: To know him, and to know him well. That's what the future is ALL about. Everything else is just the stuff that comes with life…the things for which everything comes in its time. But to know Christ – well, that transcends time. I want to know him and know him well.

Hear now from the Apostle Paul: "But whatever gain I had, I counted as loss for the sake of Christ. Indeed I count everything as loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord" (Philippians 3:7,8). May we all know Him well.

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