The Heartbeat

We, the elders at Burning Hearts, believe you have been particularly gifted, in terms of your experience and your heart, to be a real bridge builder in the kingdom of God. As that has been my own heart, that makes me especially excited to see you lead.

So many pastors are demagogues…little mini-popes. They treat the people in the churches where they pastor as if they are but peasants working for them in some sort of fiefdom. And because that is how they see things they are jealous for their control, their territory, their community. It is impossible for pastors of this sort to see or embrace a bigger view of the church. But you can! You have seen more of the world than most pastors. You have lived there; you have ministered there. You know that while the Baptists may be doing a good work in some communities, so are the Mennonites, and the Brethren, and the Pentecostals. You believe – I know you do, for I have heard you speak this way – that God's kingdom is bigger than any of our individual churches or our individual theologies. That doesn't mean we should lose interest in "our" church or abandon "our" theology. The apostle Paul, knowing that not everyone with a CONFLICTING VIEW could be right, nevertheless encouraged all to be "fully persuaded in their own mind" (Romans 14:5). So, with a Charles Spurgeon, a John Bunyan, or a John MacArthur, we may call ourselves Baptists and Calvinists, but we are also aware that come the day of judgment we may learn that all of our perspectives were not as solidly founded on scripture as we had thought!

So there needs to be, along with our being "fully persuaded," a bit of humility. That's what I believe and that is what I see in you. And I believe that will carry you far. So, I suspect you will become friends with pastors of churches with whom you actually disagree! You will press the bounds of fellowship so as to include those with whom you do not see eye to eye. On a church level, that may lead to many coming to Burning Hearts that may not be in full agreement with us. That's okay…as long as you don't allow those with a deviant theology to come into leadership. The church's ship can be big enough to handle a lot of people, but you don't want just anybody "manning the wheel" and steering the ship.

Keep looking ahead.

By His Graces
Doug Winne

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