The Heartbeat

One of the requirements for an elder is that he is "hospitable" (1 Timothy 3:2). Bible commentators take that to mean "given to hospitality," meaning, willing to open one's home to others, strangers even.

Some time ago I was talking to you and learned, at that time, that you were looking to purchase a house closer to the church building. As the church's permanent place of residence is still unsettled (other than we expect it to be in the Leola area), it may be sometime before we know exactly where that place of residence will be. But I appreciated your expressed desire. For the closer you are to the church building, the easier it will be to have regular contact with those that also live close to the church building.

When I was growing up (in a pastor's home) hospitality seemed like a very regular and ordinary part of church life. Often, following a church service, we either went to someone's home or we had them over to our house. Countless hours, as a kid, were spent playing with other church kids as our parents would sit and talk. My impression, from talking with other now "older" people who, like me, grew up going to church, is that this kind of hospitality has waned pretty much everywhere. House churches and small groups, to some degree, have taken up some of this. But all in all, we are not as hospitable as we all used to be.

Our homes are not as open; our schedules are not as free; our interaction with each other is less. This is somewhat ironic in light of how far we have advanced in technology – with its many time saving devices. Our roads are better; our cars go faster; we are able to do more work from home; our houses are larger…these things, in total, should have resulted in us being able to spend MORE time interacting with one another, not less. But most homes now have both parents working; our living expenses have gone way up; we pay a greater portion of our incomes to Social Security; our children are involved in more activities; television has an even greater hold over many families; the internet has taken over where there may have been some slack.

Your challenge, Justin and Tera, will be to lead by example in not only being hospitable but by teaching people how to combat these many challenges to interacting with one another. In a world where more and more adults are single and where so many feel lonely and estranged from one another the fellowship of the saints – the body of Christ – is able to offer a sense of FAMILY. This is something the world does not have, but we do have. So build on it; revel in it; lead in it.

By His Grace,
Doug Winne

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