The Heartbeat

With this letter we have now reached the half-way point of the year. Like swimming across a lake, it is now closer to swim to the other shore than to turn and swim back to where you started from. So there is no going back now! (Not that you, or I, or the elders ever had any thoughts of going back.)

For Ruth and me the same clock that brings you closer to beginning brings us closer to the end. For you, to start literally on January 1 seems so good, so right. For me, to have December 25 be my final Sunday seems rather strange, but that is how it works out. Ruth and I are uncertain what the future holds for us. We know that come April 1, 2023, we plan to head off on our 100-day "Tour of America." The previous plan had been for a February-September "Walk Across America," but that was simply not to be. So now it is the tour. Even now we are slowly making preparations for that tour. When we initially started talking about it the gas price was around $2.85/gallon for gas and now…well, I can only say that the trip has become more and more expensive as time has gone by.

When we return (mid-July) we look forward to returning to Burning Hearts. By then you will have had a solid six-months to "steer the ship" in the direction you think it should go. My attitude…our attitude…will be to help you in whatever way we can, while still remaining "semi-retired." (I say "semi-retired" because we anticipate needing to have some form of employment to make ends meet. What that will be, we do not know.) But we are not leaving Burning Hearts. We have talked about selling the house and moving in with one of our kids, but we do not foresee that happening immediately. But only God knows. We don't even know about tomorrow (James 4:14) let alone what life will be like years from now.

As for you, you will likely end up in a house closer to the church building. And as for the church building...well, who knows about that? That's why we have a Building Committee. Hopefully, within the next year or so, that will be answered for us all.

I foresee substantial numerical growth for Burning Hearts. You are the right age. That fact coupled with the great freedom and solid theology that have marked Burning Hearts off from the beginning are, in my opinion, a winning combination for those seeking a church home. I'll be happy to be one of the "old guys" hanging around. It will be exciting to see how God blesses the church under your leadership.

By His Grace,
Doug Winne

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