The Heartbeat

There are three places/times when you will have access to preach the gospel to a captive audience: at weddings, at funerals, and in prisons. As to why those in prison are a "captive" audience is quite obvious, but the pressures of propriety will make those at the weddings and funerals equally captive, for people at those times are not going to walk out. (I might add, a fourth place/time also exists should you ever become an Uber driver. Those riding in the back seat are pretty much stuck with you. I have yet to have one jump out of the car while we're still moving!)

So these are special opportunities. They are different than your Sunday morning church crowd. Those at church are there because they love the Lord and may even love you. Not so with the weddings and funerals. You are nothing to most of those people. But you are, in fact, something really grand: you are an ambassador of the Lord Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 5:20). Others, on the day of a wedding or funeral, will likely be in attendance who also are ambassadors of Christ, but none will have the place of prominence that you will have that day. So what an opportunity! Don't miss the opportunity.

Preach Christ! Preach Christ in all of his glory. Don't hold back. We serve a Savior and Lord who came to call the world to himself. Lift him up and see how God might use that to draw people to himself.

The picture that the world has of ministers is that they are weak, effeminate and dull. Films have underscored this perception. Modern evangelicalism has distorted this view of God's servants even further with its exaltation of shallow, money-hungry and lustful men who long ago sold out their confession for some earthly pleasure. So you will have only a few minutes to present the audience with a God-fearing, gospel-loving preacher of truth.

What I am saying is that these times – and over the course of your life and ministry you will have quite a few of them – these times are special times that are worth special attention and effort on your part. May Jesus shine through you.

By His Grace,
Doug Winne

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