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I want to warn you about politics and political affiliations. The apostle Paul, in Romans 13, is quite clear that governments exist by the hand of God. So politics (the art and science of the development and direction of government) is not a bad thing, but part of God's plan for mankind. To serve as a politician is, at least theoretically, a great way to serve both God and man.

So why a warning? It is mainly because politics can be so terribly divisive within a congregation. The old line is that people should "never talk about politics or religion," as those are two areas where people simply don't agree. As ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ we cannot, of course, avoid talking about "religion." But I believe we need to do what we can to allow the gospel (the preaching of the cross of Christ) remain the ONLY stumbling block that we have when we talk with people. If the cross is an offense to some – and it is – then so be it. But we should avoid making any other issues additional points of offense.

It is a bit like sports. As you know, many people have very strong opinions about sports. They are "fans." So if you were to minister, for example, in an area that is strongly supportive of the Green Bay Packers and nearly everybody in your congregation was a "cheese head" don't go routing for the Dallas Cowboys. You may do so quietly, and in a good-natured laughable way people could know that you are a Cowboys fan, but, in general, you will be better off to not in any way oppose the Packers or their fans.

So, back to politics, keep your opinions to yourself. Don't put any political bumper stickers on your car; don't talk about attending any political rallies; don't do anything or say anything that might be construed as political or as favoring one politician or political party over another. Because if you do, you are bringing in another area of potential offense, and we want the only potential offense to be the gospel. "For I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified" (1 Corinthians 2:2) was how the apostle Paul put it.

By His Grace,
Doug Winne

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