The Heartbeat

It is May. Soon people will be heading off on vacations. And at Burning Hearts, as at every other church in the country, there will be the challenge of finding teachers, nursery workers, ushers, greeters, musicians and, on occasion, even a preacher!

It is good that you have a secular job. Sometimes fellows enter the pastorate who, quite literally, have never had a job outside of church. And because of that, they don't know what it is like "out there." And because they haven't experienced life "out there" they have this really twisted notion that people's lives should and will revolve totally around a church schedule.

I recall, for example, back when I was selling real estate. I was, as they say, "burning the candle at both ends." I was busting a gut to make a living. I don't know how many hours a week I was working but it was a lot. I never missed Sunday morning church because of my real estate work but I can recall many Wednesday nights when I was not at the church's Prayer Meeting because of my real estate work. So, on occasion I would attend Prayer Meeting but it was a minority of Wednesday nights. One week, when I was able to come, a fellow around my age (30 or so) reprimanded me for not coming every week. He was in school at LBC preparing to become a missionary. He was a good guy…a really good guy, but I don't believe he understood what life was like for those who worked "out there" in the world.

All of this is to say, don't become soured against people because they may be absent, or they're on vacation, or they went to a child's birthday party. Remember how things were for you back when you were working a secular job, gone each day, and longing for those nights and weekends to spend some time with the family.

All in all, Burning Hearts is WAY AHEAD of where most churches. Nothing against them but most churches operate a lot closer to that old adage that 20% of the people do 80% of the work. It has been a few years now since we last looked at it, but when we took the time, we found that at Burning Hearts, some 95+% of the church members are ALL INVOLVED in some form of ministry within the church. Some pastors may talk about "dead wood" within a church, but that is not what you are inheriting.

So appreciate what is coming your way, and enjoy YOUR vacation as well this summer.

By His Grace,
Doug Winne

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