The Heartbeat

Most people work jobs that, regardless of how they are feeling, require them to work a certain number of hours per week. I say "regardless of how they are feeling" because, quite honestly, if there were no requirements, many would simply cease working, or try and get by working fewer and fewer and fewer hours. The self-motivated, hard workers, are often the business owners: the founders, the entrepreneurs, those that got the business going. These are often disgusted with the lackadaisical attitude of those who have been hired by those under them. They cannot seem to understand why everyone doesn't have the strong work ethic that they had and which made them successful.

And now here we have you entering the pastorate, with no one to watch over you, to keep your hand to the fire. Well, not quite…

Some 30+ years ago, and mainly out of a desire to be able to speak to the hard labors of one of the church's employees, I began requiring of myself and all those on staff at the church that they fill out weekly time sheets. These sheets, filled out by hand, would explain what the employee had done and also show just where and when they put in hours. Since that time I have filled out some 1500 or so of these weekly reports. I will be passing on to you a blank copy of such a report. What you do with it will be between you and the elders.

But I want to encourage you to avoid sloth. Given that the church doesn't really have an office for you (we have an office but it is not the kind of office one would actually work from), you need to have a space at your home (the house you hope to buy?) that is a dedicated office space. Mine, at our house, has worked great especially because of the fact that it is located on the third floor of the house: far away from where others/children might be. Allow that office to become a real sanctuary for you…a holy place…a dedicated space. In our home, my office is one of my very favorite places.

When I was in real estate, the old line, when one has time and nothing is happening, was to "get back to basics." For the pastor, that means get back to writing, praying, visiting, and planning. Don't let any day go by that was wasted. Do SOMETHING. This is one of the concerns (for me) regarding retirement. It is alarming how anyone can go through a day, a week or even longer and basically do nothing. Don't go down that road whatever you do.

So be productive. Work hard, put in your hours, and have as your goal that each day was lived to its fullest and all to the glory of God.

By His Grace,
Pastor Doug

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