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Due to Burning Hearts having many young children in it, through the years you will likely be performing lots of weddings. Weddings and funerals are both great times for interaction with families, but weddings can be particularly a time of enjoyment.

I well recall the first few weddings that I performed. I was, like anyone in my position might expect to be, a bit nervous. From the time I was a young boy I had observed my dad (a pastor) perform weddings and so, to some extent, I had almost an innate understanding of what was to take place. There is no question but that this was helpful to me and to those getting married. One thing I could not seem to remember, however, was which side the bride and groom were to be standing on. But this solved itself for me when about the 5th or 6th wedding I ever performed, one of the groomsmen fainted during the ceremony. As he was, while I stood up front, off to my left, that forever cemented in my mind which side the groom (and groomsmen) were to be on!

Weddings are great times to preach the gospel. Indeed, as I have said through the years, there are 3 great settings at which we pastors have an opportunity to preach the gospel: at weddings, at funerals, and to those in prison. For in all three situations, no one is going to get up and leave. (A fourth setting would be those who are literally lying on their death bed. And having driven for Uber and Lyft I guess I could now add a 5th setting and that is when someone is in the back seat of a car that I'm driving. They're stuck and don't dare try and get out!)

But at those wedding preach the gospel! And it really is so easy. For in Ephesians 5 Paul tells husbands to love their wives "like Christ loved the church" and for wives to submit to husband, like the church submits to Christ. We all know how Christ "loved the church." He died for it, on the cross! And as for the church submitting to Christ, we who have come to hear and understand the gospel have all done that by saying to him, in effect, "So, you want to love me…and die for me…and I'm supposed to say I accept that? Then, yes, I accept that. Thank you!" Many in your audience will think that to become a Christian one has to DO a bunch of things, but isn't it in our submitting to Christ, and allowing him to die for us, and then accepting that as sufficient for us, that we are saved? I believe it is.

Well, enjoy the weddings. I performed somewhere in the 150-175 range of weddings through the years. It is a great joy and privilege to be involved in people's lives at that very important time.

God bless you.

By His Grace,
Doug Winne

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