The Heartbeat

As you are a man rooted in the scriptures, you already know that you are not the head of the church. Christ is the head of the church. But under Christ you are a shepherd. Indeed the word "pastor" is related to the word "pasture." And it is to green pastures (and still waters) that you are to guide the sheep under your care. It is a great responsibility.

Many years ago I came under a period of conviction based upon my reading of John 10:3. In that passage Jesus is talking about the good shepherd (himself) and how he calls his sheep "by name." The passage bothered me because there were many people who were regularly attending the church and whose names I could not recall. I had met these people, sometimes more than once, and yet I could not remember their name(s). It was during that time that I began to question the wisdom of the large church. I also began to view my brain's capacity to hold on to these names as being like a glass or vase that was full and that while more water could be poured into the vessel, other water – the old water – was in a sense certain to spill out. I could only hold so much. At least that came to be my thinking on the matter. Since then I have concluded that I was wrong, and that I could indeed retain more than I was retaining. Yet still it showed a problem. For I needed to, at a minimum, at least be able to call the sheep by name.

The same will go for you. You will need to learn ALL of the sheep's names – even the names of the newborn lambs. Some you will get to know very well and others not so much. But you will need to become well acquainted with your fold. For they will need your care and protection.

Don't allow the flock to be led into a bad place. There are some strange theologies out there. And there are more than a few "wolves in sheep's clothing": individuals that both Jesus (Matthew 7) and Paul (Acts 20) warned about. You will need to be discerning. Do not too easily commit yourself to others – i.e., be careful who you trust.

You will not be alone. You will have fellow elders to stand with you and shepherd with you. And be sure to listen to your wife. Our wives have been given to us as "help mates" so don't refuse Tera's help, particularly when it comes to her evaluation of others. Women, in general, are known for being much better at discernment than men, so listen to what she has to say.

By His Grace,
Doug Winne

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