The Heartbeat

It was one year ago this week that the elders at Burning Hearts met for our monthly meeting. As part of that meeting I recall writing on a white board some numbers – numbers reflecting the incidence of a coronavirus that had recently been getting a lot of air time on the news. I don't recall what numbers I used but I do remember the upshot of what I was attempting to say, viz., this coronavirus, called COVID-19, is affecting such a small percentage of the world's peoples that we don't need to give our attention to it.

And then I came down with the coronavirus within a month of that meeting. My getting it was so early on that the doctor didn't yet even have the test for it. It would be a couple more months before it would finally be confirmed that "Yes, you definitely had it." But I survived it. It was bad, but not THAT bad.

And then I had the funeral for Lenny Torres' mother in Brooklyn. She supposedly died from the coronavirus but she was well into her 90s. Still I saw it as not that big a deal.

And then the numbers starting adding up. Here and there I was learning of more and more people testing positive. They all seemed to be getting past it. Sure, for some it was bad: a bad cough, a high fever, terrible aches and pains. Still I believed it was overblown.

And then Bob Haehnle got it…and within a few weeks he was dead. I'm sorry to say that it took Bob's death to wake me up…for me to finally see and understand that while COVID-19 may not be all that serious for most people, for others it is deadly.

So here we are now a year later. There are still those out there suggesting there is no pandemic (I saw such a post just this past week over Facebook). Hank Williams wrote and sang, "I Saw the Light." Well, in my mind, some need to yet "See the Truth."

I thank God for those involved in President Trump's "Operation Warp Speed" attempt to come up with a vaccine. For awhile I thought, "Why should I get the vaccine since I've already had the coronavirus?" But I've changed my mind on that as well. So if they are saying, "Get the vaccination shot(s) even if you have had the coronavirus," I am going to pay attention to what they are saying.

For I was wrong. COVID-19 can be deadly and we do need to try and bring its spread to a halt.

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