The Heartbeat
Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD – Psalm 33:12a

This past week (while the media was making much of some Roman Catholic boys and their confrontation with some native Americans in Washington D.C.) New York State's governor, Andrew Cuomo, signed into law the nation's most liberal, far sweeping overhaul of its laws regarding abortion. Now, in New York, a woman may obtain an abortion right up to the point of her delivery. That is to say, now a fully developed child, nine-months in development, may be cut to pieces and thrown away with the state's blessing. This is so repulsive that it should make every American hide his or her head in shame. Yet in New York it was celebrated, the Freedom Tower's spire, at the governor's insistence, being lit up in pink.

The Bible is clear that God offered to Israel two options: blessing or cursing. Proverbs 3:33 reads, "The Lord's curse is on the house of the wicked, but he blesses the dwelling of the righteous." If that is true, and not just wishful thinking, then here are some implications that I can see from this new law enacted in New York…

1. God's judgment must certainly come upon New York. Yes, I know, you've heard this before. Back when San Francisco decriminalized homosexual activity, a number of prominent American Christian pastors/leaders predicted great disasters that were certain to fall on that city. Now, many decades later, the city still stands. But as a mentor of mine (Lloyd Scalyer) used to say, "God's wheel of justice grinds slowly. But when it grinds, it grinds very fine." When the Babylonians finally conquered Judah in the 6th century B.C., Jeremiah the prophet said that the Babylonian Captivity would last for 70 years – to make up for the 490 years that Israel had refused to observe its Sabbath laws, the sign of God's covenant. That is to say, it took 490 years for judgment to fall ("God's wheel of justice grinds slowly…"). Judgment is yet to come to many parts of our country, and now that includes New York State.

2. It is time for the Roman Catholic Church to start disciplining and even excommunicating its members, Governor Anthony Cuomo being at the front of that line. I so respect the Roman Catholic Church for its consistent position in opposing abortion, and yet there remain a number of our nation's leaders who are liberal Democrats who wholeheartedly support abortion on demand yet remain Roman Catholics, presumably in good standing. They should be disciplined and excommunicated. And then…would to God…that the Protestant churches would have the guts to say, "And you're not welcome here either."

3. For Ruth and me, it looks like our vacationing times in New York (which have been as recent as 2017) are over. The state will not get our business. We feel so sorry for the great number of God-seekers who live in New York. Like John the Baptist they are voices crying in the wilderness.

4. Pray for Pennsylvania! Our commonwealth's founders would be appalled at much of what goes on in Pennsylvania today. And yet, in many ways and in many parts, its core remains conservative: holding on to the notion that "blessed IS the nation whose God is the Lord." May God preserve the commonwealth.

5. Don't be afraid to speak out against injustice. Abortion is the ultimate injustice in that it literally deprives an individual of its right to life. Years ago, musician Phil Keaggy wrote a song in which he asked,

Who will speak up for the little ones? Helpless and half-abandoned. They've got the right to choose life they don't want to lose. I've got to speak up, won't you?"

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