The Heartbeat

It was a week ago tonight that I walked back into the house that I had left a week and half earlier. For about 10 days I had been with Steve and Renee Hoey and their daughter, Nicole Bennett, in Alaska. This had been my second visit to Alaska and as many of you prayed for us while we were gone and even financially contributed to our going, it seems right that I should give you a report. This is that report which I would like to offer under a number of headings…

VAST: That is the word that first comes to my mind when reflecting on Alaska. It is SO big, SO mountainous, SO tree filled, SO unpopulated. People have often spoken of Texas and how everything in Texas is big. But in Alaska it is even bigger. What an amazing purchase the U.S. government made when it paid Russia 2 cents an acre (in 1867) for all that land!

SPRUCE FILLED: I have jokingly commented, both times that I have now been in Alaska, that if somehow the idea of what a Christmas tree should look like could be changed (from a very full, triangular shape to that of a tall and skinny shape), Alaska could make a fortune. For the land is literally filled with tall, skinny spruce trees.

COLD: We were in Alaska when it got up into the 60s during the day. It was mid-June, yet many underground pipes were still frozen. The little village in which we worked (Gulkana) has a "teen center" (a converted doublewide trailer) in which are located a couple of bathrooms. The bathrooms are currently unusable because the drain lines are still FROZEN! While in Alaska I met a pastor who just that week had finally again been able to have running water in his home (the lines had been frozen since February). Just imagine times of 40 below zero, 50 below zero or, as some reported, 70+ below zero!

LIGHT AND DARK: Due to its latitude, there are several months of almost continuous light. It was light, even at midnight, when we were there. I thought, "This wouldn't work for me. For I'd be tempted to be out mowing the lawn at 3 am or some such hour!" But as attractive as are those months, six months later, the opposite is true: almost no light. Imagine waking up to dark, going to work in the dark, it getting dark before you head home, and so forth, day after day after day after day. I spoke to a resident there (who had moved from Florida) and she said that the past winter almost did her in. She could hardly take another day of darkness and cold.

SPIRITUAL LIGHT AND DARK: Alaska is the kind of land that some come to in order to get away from humanity. Associated with that is a lot of spiritual darkness. So not surprisingly, there is a lot of alcoholism, sexual abuse and suicide in Alaska – at least higher than what one would find in the rest of the U.S. But there is also a strong Christian witness. In the area we worked, the fruit of Christian labors from many decades ago is still evident. There is a real desire to serve Christ: to know Him and to make Him known. Our labors were with these people (though also with some not yet in Christ's kingdom). It was a pleasure to be with them and to know we serve the same Savior.

Our labors in Alaska were to help with the rehabilitation of a teen center building, do some electrical work and help with the development of a wood pellet mill in Gulkana Village. All the work went well and we were heartily thanked for our help with these people. It was and is a reminder that Christ's kingdom is truly worldwide. Thank you for sending us!

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