The Heartbeat
O Lord, open my lips and my mouth will declare your praise. – Psalm 51:15

1. When we came to Lancaster we had almost nothing. We had a pick-up truck (on which we were making monthly payments), two school loans, and almost no money. Fortunately we had no credit card debt. These many years later now own a house (unfortunately we still owe some on it), lots of furniture, several cars, no school loans, no credit card debts and still almost no money. But on paper we are a lot better off than when we came!

2. These 36 years brought for us 5 children and now 5 grandchildren. All were born healthy, and almost all have a heart for the Lord. During these same years we lost 3 of our 4 parents.

3. When we moved to Lancaster we were barely acquainted with our new church home (the Lancaster Evangelical Free Church (LEFC)). But that church, and more recently Burning Hearts Community Church, became the common ground (Christ being our ultimate common ground) for the development of many wonderful relationships. Some relationships have simply come and gone, but the ones that have remained have made us particularly thankful.

4. We praise God for the stability that we found in the county. One often hears "Lancaster County is a good place to raise a family." We would concur with that and how thankful we are that we have not needed to leave. Both Ruth and I grew up in pastor's homes that proved to be quite transient: moving here and there through the years. To have been in the same house now for 36 years is quite phenomenal. Some of this may be due to a pendulum swing on our part (not wanting to put our children through what we both went through as children). But for whatever reason, we are grateful to have been able to stay put.

5. Ruth and I both praise God that through these years neither of us has had to face the consequences of a flagrant sin that could have put our marriage at risk.

6. In addition we are thankful for the health we have had. The prayer over us at the time of our wedding (June 23, 1979) was that we might be able to "grow old with each other."

7. We praise God for the many people whose lives have been affected (we trust for good) who have lived with us. I believe we are now up to around 35 people. Some were with us for only weeks; others were with us for years.

In Psalm 51 David wrote of being forgiven of his sins. It was because of that tremendous sense of forgiveness that he again and again asserted his promise to declare God's praises. Having been directed and blessed by the hand of God so clearly over these past 36 years, we (Ruth and I) can do no less. To that end here are some reflections on these past 36 years…

It was 36 years ago tomorrow that Ruth and I moved to Lancaster County. At the time it was a huge adventure as we basically knew no one in the county, were moving into a house that was terribly run down, were starting new jobs, had only visited the church we would attend a couple of times and had depleted all of our savings in making the move. But it is a move we have never regretted.

O Lord, open my lips and my mouth will declare your praise. – Psalm 51:15

So, 36 years. Again, if we could do it all over again we would. All praise to God from whom all blessings flow.

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