The Heartbeat

The following are random thoughts/reflections on life at this time due to the coronavirus…

1. Like some of you, I have been keeping an eye on the stock market. In this time when some families are truly broke, the stock market continues to be very active – reflecting the investments of many. It is a reminder that while the coronavirus has been called the great equalizer (showing no partiality as to who may be stricken with it), the stock market is a sign of very observable inequality.

2. While Burning Hearts has continued to pay both Nate and me our salaries, I have wondered what is happening in large churches. Sure, the senior pastor may be doing broadcasts (online) and communicating to the body, and the one overseeing praise may be working out ways to creatively lead the church in family praise to God, but what about all the other staff? What is an assistant youth worker, an administrative assistant or the head of small group development doing? Will churches continue to pay them? And pity the churches that have huge mortgages to pay. I saw an article how it is estimated that the coronavirus will result in at least 5% of all churches closing their doors (because of financial hardship).

3. As soon as news broke of the coronavirus and its potential spread and threat to life, I encouraged our children to "pull in the reins." This is the time to limit one's spending, and when the $1,200 payments come to people, by all means I hope people don't "splurge." This is not the time to splurge; this is the time to get one's financial house in good order.

4. My friend, Ed Bailey, has informed me that he is continuing to have church services (Sunday morning, Wednesday prayer, etc). At Burning Hearts we have agreed to be in full compliance to the President's order…through April 30. But what about after that? What would we do if he, or the governor, issued a decree that there be no more gatherings of 10 or more people through the end of the year (something they are considering in the U.K.)? And if testing showed – just hypothetically speaking – that everyone at Burning Hearts already has the coronavirus antibodies, would we still comply? At what point is enough, enough?

5. President Trump has again shown that he is a friend of the church. He is in a particularly difficult place. We should all be praying earnestly for him, and for Vice-President Pence. They are in a place of very difficult decision making. And the same is true of our governor and all those in authority over us.

6. There are many blessings that have come as a result of the lockdown. Here are some of those blessings:

  • A decrease in air pollution
  • Less fuel consumption (and less out of our wallets because of that)
  • Less wear and tear on our cars (another financial saving)
  • Greater familiarity with the technical aspects of social media. I personally had never even heard of Zoom before this!
  • More thoughtful consideration of business practices. Walmart and Target are setting sales records and all because they also offer food for sale at their stores. Macy's, Penny's, Kohl's and others have taken a beating because they are not able to open. (Not a blessing but an additional observation: The coronavirus has boosted Jeff Bezos' wealth into the stratosphere. Online shopping IS the future.)
  • Letter writing and family phone calls are becoming more frequent.
  • Less littering. For years, in May, I have done the Go Beyond roadside trash pickup. Empty water bottles are abundant. That must most certainly be going down (as fewer people are on the roads)
  • That list of house projects for the year is likely to be finished before summer even begins!
  • Some who couldn't quit smoking, now, due to a choice between buying food or buying cigarettes, may actually quit!
  • Crimes like breaking and entering, robbery, and rape are down.
  • People are walking and bicycling more. You see that, don't you? This is good! Just hoping they don't make these illegal (as in France and Italy).
  • The use of the emergency room (ER) for the most minor of issues has dropped to almost nil. This was an abuse of the health care system that has been going on for years. Good riddance.
  • Abortions, at least in many states, are down.
  • In general, people are getting more sleep.

And what would YOU add to that list?

Like you I am eager to get back to "normal" life, but we cannot help but wonder if we will ever see some of the former ways of life again.

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